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[audio]IUMA: Morality
Morality started back in early 2001. At the time, we were all in 7th grade. The first members of Morality were Kevin(Bass), Josh (Drums), and Charlie (Guitar). Then later in the year,we got our second guitarist named Alex. Our band still searched for the perfect singer but had no luck until the next year. Cody became our singer in 8th grade and then we were a band. Our first gig was in front of about 900 to 1000 people in our school gym...
Keywords: Morality
Downloads: 20
Keywords: morality
Downloads: 58
[texts]Moralens utveckling - Ellen Key, 1849-1926
The scripture The evolution of the morality (Moralens utveckling), written by Ellen Key (1849-1926), has been digitized from the original at flatscanner March 13, 2012 by Ralph E.
Keywords: Morality
Downloads: 285
[audio]Bioethics Introduction Podcast - Kevin J. Browne
An introductory lecture for my Bioethics course.
Keywords: bioethics; morality
Downloads: 366
[audio]Introduction to ethics podcast - Kevin J. Browne
An introductory lecture for my PHI 130 class.
Keywords: ethics; morality
Downloads: 291
[audio]Final Thoughts in Ethics - Kevin J. Browne
A summary of the semester in PHI 130.
Keywords: morality; ethics
Downloads: 55
[audio]Morality - Brandon Wemyss
what is morality? where does it come from?
Keywords: morality; evolution
Downloads: 177
[audio]Just Right #72 - Robert Metz
Selflessness: A Moral Virtue? Or The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated? History Repeating - Pan Am Games Bid Resurrected A Personal Experience - Beating The Last Pan Am Games Bid Health Care Institutions Put On Their Greenshirts
Keywords: Healthcare; Green; Morality; Virtue
Downloads: 13
[audio]Just Right #18 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics GUEST: Freedom Party Leader Paul McKeever: How To Resolve Political Issues
Keywords: Capitalism; Philosophy; Morality; Freedom
Downloads: 23
[audio]Just Right #277 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-277-November 22, 2012, Morality: Beyond Belief?, Calling All Atheists - But Nobody Showed Up, Atheists And Believers - On Common Ground, Coren Is Wrong About Catholics Being Right (Not Right Wing) Catholicism: No Monopoly On Morality
Keywords: Catholicism; Firefly; Atheism; Morality
Downloads: 9
[audio]The Aboriginal Vicar of Christ: Conscience and the Christian Life (2014)
A discussion of the St. Rita RCIA Community.
Keywords: RCIA; Catholic; Conscience; Morality
Downloads: 16
[audio]Just Right #82 - Robert Metz
Economic Bailouts - Spreading The Pain No Principles, Please - Shopper's Guilt Go Thank Yourself! GUEST: Paul McKeever on Reason's Harvest The Joke's Still On Us! - More Silly Stuff Economic Bailouts - Spreading The Pain No Principles, Please - Shopper's Guilt Go Thank Yourself! GUEST: Paul McKeever on Reason's Harvest The Joke's Still On Us! - More Silly Stuff
Keywords: Morality; Economy; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 2
[audio]Just Right #303 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-303-June 6, 2013 From Aesop to Captain Kirk: Boldly moralizing, TV shows that deserved to be cancelled, Mars: from fiction to reality
Keywords: Morality; Fables; Stories; Television
Downloads: 9
[audio]God 1
Steph and MAtt discuss religion, morality and say a few testy things of offensive
Keywords: God; morality; atheist; sexism
Downloads: 19
[audio]Dialogues Concerning Innate Principles - Jackson Barwis
Containing An Examination of Mr. Locke's Doctrine On That Subject
Keywords: Innate Principles; Morality
Downloads: 4
[audio]Alive! Objective values, character education, natural law - Alive!
Interview with Charles and Fu about objective values and morality, character education and natural law
Keywords: Catholic; Education; Truth; Morality
Downloads: 75
[audio]An Integral Vision: Catholic Moral Life
A discussion of the St. Rita RCIA Community.
Keywords: RCIA; Catholicism; Morality
Downloads: 14
[audio]Talk of the Nation interviews Gorski, Downey, and Silverman about secular morality
Talk of the Nation interviews Timothy Gorski, Margeret Downey, and David Silverman about secular morality (1998)
Keywords: atheism; morality; interview
Downloads: 71
[audio]Jim Masters on Leviticus 17 with review of Chapters 1-16 - Jim Masters
Jim Masters on Leviticus 17 with review of Chapters 1-16 - Be Holy for God is Holy - Doing things God's Way!
Keywords: blood; sacrifice; morality; sanctification
Downloads: 15
[movies]What is morality?
What is morality?
Keywords: morality; ethics; desire utilitarianism
Downloads: 33

Keywords: TNL061707_Sexual_Morality
Downloads: 96
[audio]Cath Radio(28.06.2010, 20pm), VARGA(on Law Morality,by Zimanyi) - VARGA Csaba / ZIMÁNYI Ágnes
A magyar Katolikus Rádió 2010. június 28-án este 20 órakor kezdődő s Zimányi Ágnes által szerkesztett "Magvetés" című műsorában Varga Csaba (1941–) tanszékvezető egyetemi tanár (Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Jogbölcseleti Tanszék, Budapest), tudományos tanácsadó (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Jogtudományi Intézete, Budapest) beszél szakmai teoretikus tapasztalataként a jognak és erkölcsnek a mai morális kiüresedésben független tényezőkként felfogott mé...
Keywords: law and morality
Downloads: 3
[audio]NTCOF - Naturalistic Morality - Zachary Moore
An examination of the best possible naturalistic explanations for morality, and the relevant evidence that points to a workable non-superstitious moral system.
Keywords: naturalism; morality; freethought
Downloads: 341
[audio]Causes of Moral Shift - summerdalechurch.org
Know Your Bible with Billy Lambert
Keywords: Gospel; audio; podcast; morality
Downloads: 103
[texts]Aldaryn Academy كن خلوقاً 07.7z - Sarsaroooo
Lecture of morality
Keywords: Morality; Islam; aldarayn academy
Downloads: 7
[texts]The TheDean! Show- Essay 2 - TheDean!
This week: Morality!
Keywords: essay; thedean; morality
Downloads: 139
[audio]Good without God?: The pomp and delusion of today's atheists - Matt Timmons
Atheists have begun proselytizing in order to recruit more adherents through a recent advertising campaign. Billboards proclaiming, âGood without Godâ are their attempts to reach out to non atheists throughout America. In this episode weâll discuss the religion of atheism and the absurd notion of goodness without God.
Keywords: Atheism; Morality; Ethics
Downloads: 45
[movies]The Coffee House - Willing Spirit - Mark Cohen
Theologian Brian McLaren reflects on morality, private and public.
Keywords: spirituality; politics; morality
Downloads: 236
[audio]Just Right #81 - Robert Metz
SPECIAL: Money, Morality, Capitalism Capitalism And Cars The Quality Of Money - Credit And Depressions Been There, Done That - Examining The Cause And Cures Of Past Economic Crisis with: Leonard Peikoff - Milton Friedman - Paul McKeever - Walter Williams Ayn Rand - Isabel Paterson - Frederic Bastiat - Henry Hazlett
Keywords: Money; Morality; Capitalism
Downloads: 87
[audio]Introduction to Ethical Theory - Kevin J. Browne
An introductory lecture for my Ethics class.
Keywords: ethics; morals; morality
Downloads: 125
[audio]WashuKhutbah-2008-01-25RashiedAminiMorality - WashU MSA
WashU Khutbah - 01-25-2008 - Morality in Islam by Rashied Amini
Keywords: WashU; khutbah; morality; islam
Downloads: 29
[texts]Kimball Love Vs Lust
Transcript of a speech from Spencer W Kimball of Love versus Lust
Keywords: lds; kimball; morality
Downloads: 13
[audio]What About the Law? - Richard Heyduck
IN this message we explore the nature of morality as exemplified by the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20), the Boy Scout Law and the Girl Scout Law. We discover how law functions and how we can best live with it.
Keywords: Jesus, Law, Morality
Downloads: 88
[texts]Akhlaq aur Falsafa e Akhlaq - Maulana Muhammad Hifzur Rahman Sehvarvi
Akhlaq aur Falsafa e Akhlaq - Maulana Muhammad Hifzur Rahman Sehvarvi
Keywords: Morality; Philosophy; Islam
Downloads: 7
[texts]Fragments of Reality - Peter Cajander
Fragments of Reality is a Zen-like modern version of insights that Bankei, Huang Po and others have said from ancient times. Cajander uses Ramana Maharshi’s Who am I –method to enquire into the inner world and secrets of the mind. The discoveries invite to observe and consider one’s life and its meaning. “It is like an exploration of the world that Eckhart Tolle describes, but in unpretentious cameos...
Keywords: philosophy; ethics; morality; values
Downloads: 40
[texts]The World Beautiful (Second Series) - Lillian Whiting
new thought, astral, spiritual body, astral plane, spiritual force, divine inheritance, spirituality, true realities, savior
Keywords: new thought; morality; spirituality
Downloads: 504
[audio]Scientific Philosophy -- Groks Science Show 2012-10-24 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What can science tell us about the weighty philosophical questions in life? Can science and philosophy be combined? On this program, Prof. Massimo Pigliucci discusses the combination of science and philosophy.
Keywords: science; philosophy; morality; groks
Downloads: 2,268
[movies]The Coffee House - Willing Spirit - Mark Cohen
Theologian and author Brian McLaren discusses two types of morality -- private and public -- and how the latter is often ignored.
Keywords: morality; spirituality; politics
Downloads: 603
[movies]Your Thrift Habits - Coronet Instructional Films
Modern-day moral tale resembling Ben Franklin's autobiography.
Keywords: Social guidance; Morality; Economics
Downloads: 7,879 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(8 reviews)
[audio]Challenges to Morality - Kevin J. Browne
A lecture on ethics for my PHI 100 class.
Keywords: morality; ethics; relativism; determinism
Downloads: 120
[audio]Andrew Copson Vs. Adam Deen debate on the moral argument
Andrew Copson Vs. Adam Deen debate on the moral argument
Keywords: debate; theism; atheism; morality
Downloads: 1,699
[audio]Moral Brains -- Groks Science Show 2007-04-25 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Morality often is considered a largely sociological issue. However, recent advances in neurobiology are demonstrating that human brains are wired for morality. On this program, Prof. Marc Hauser from Harvard University discussed the biology of morality.
Keywords: science; morality; biology
Downloads: 9,139
[audio]Ricky Gervais' Atheism I live my life as a Christian - Jim Gourlay
Though a declared atheist, comedian Ricky Gervais claims to live as morally as a Christian.
Keywords: atheism; ricky gervais; morality
Downloads: 356
[movies]Procrastinator, The - Centron Productions
When Jean becomes chairman of the social committee, she habitually fails to plan and use time wisely in carrying out her responsibilities. When she is unable to get everything together in time for the school dance, her schoolmates are justifiably upset with her. Filmed with a cast of nonprofessionals in Lawrence, Kansas. Writer: Margaret Carlile (Trudy) Travis.
Keywords: Social guidance; Teenagers; Morality
Downloads: 5,664 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 056: Jesse Prinz (re-up)
Internet Archive broke my original upload file somehow, so here is another copy.
Keywords: philosophy; emotion; judgment; morality
Downloads: 2,091
[audio]Virtue Morality - Jake Tawney
This talk was given at a retreat for high school students. I explores the nature of virtue, its history, and its role in the moral life.
Keywords: virtue; morality; catholic
Downloads: 82
[movies]Benefits of Looking Ahead, The - Coronet Instructional Films
Nick cannot plan ahead, but is convinced to do so after imagining himself as a drifter or a bum.
Keywords: Social guidance; Morality; Teenagers
Downloads: 13,933 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(13 reviews)
[texts]Some English and Latin sources and parallels for the morality of Wisdom - Smart, Walter Kay, 1878-

Keywords: Wisdom (Morality play)
Downloads: 953
[audio]Just Right #300 Robert Metz
Just Right-300-May 16, 2013, Totally Self Issues, Conversation: Objectivist - Subjectivist - Intrinsicist, Reality Check: God, Man, Or Underwear?, Judge Mentals: Good/Evil - Moral/Immoral - Right/Wrong, Totally Selfish
Keywords: Selfishness; Philosophy; Morality; Ayn Rand
Downloads: 13
[audio]Just Right #322 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Money: Moralityâs public barometer / Flawed politicians / Tea Party 2.0
Keywords: Money; Morality; Politicians; Tea Party
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